1920 - 100% Arabica Coffee - Intensity 12 - Café COPIUM ®

Size: 10 oz Can Ground Expresso

1920 - 100% Arabica Coffee - Intensity 12 - Café Copium ®

A complex, delicious and unique blend consisting of five 100% Arabica beans. Dark roasted with a rich heavy crema. Originally blended in the 1920’s. A family secret recipe finally released to us all to savor the taste of 1920’s Cuba! - This one is special!



Much misconception and misunderstanding arise when Intensity levels are discussed or described.
Simplistically, Intensity Levels refer to the richness and intensity of the aroma of the coffee when brewed or expressed and not to the caffeine levels.
Much like wine and chocolate the characteristics begin at planting. The soil, weather conditions and terrain have a lot of influence on the final intensity.
Harvest, storage, roast and overall production are as influential in the finished product we consume.

Here at Cafe Copium, we strive on perfection. Both brands, Cafés De Cuba & Cocaina Cubana, all have a unique profile and are on the strong intensity levels of 9 to 12.
The aromas are rich. Tasting notes are bold, smooth, low acidity and full bodied. Some have hints of bitterness creating a coffee experience with power and punch.

All are great as espresso but even better with any regular or plant based milk to create the perfect cup.

Traditional Cuban coffee preparations: CAFÉ CUBANO / CAFECITO - Equal parts espresso & sugar. COLADA - 4 to 6 Pre sweetened espresso shots. CORTADITO - 1/2 espresso & 1/2 steamed milk. CAFÉ CON LECHE - 1 part espresso 3 parts streamed milk. - SALUD! -

Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
Good stuff

This is the second can I try. Not bad. So far I am impressed

Samantha Thompson
Good coffee

I barely write reviews, but this coffee definitely deserves a good review! It has very rich flavour and I like that I have it delivered.

Dan Smith
Like it

I really like it. First got to try it in Key West and decided to get some home. It almost feels i extended my vacation! Strong aroma and amazing bold taste!

Camila Lopez

I love cafe con leche and I am so happy I have found this brand! It is so rich, that I feel like even when I make it at home, I have bought it somewhere in Havana!

Martin Brown
Perfect Gift

Went down on a vacation in Key West and I was seeing this coffee everywhere! Good thing is that you can try it out in some of the local coffee shops too. I bought some cans as gifts and some for myself as well.